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Are all the reviews on Clout Collective really anonymous?

A big resounding, Y-E-S. All reviews and compensation rates on Clout Collective will always be anonymous to other users. We will never post or share personal information such as your name, social handle, or email address so that someone might be able to identify you. You will have full control over every review you submit so if necessary, you can delete your submission. We appreciate your willingness to share your experience with our community, and we'd never jeopardize your trust or risk your anonymity.

What if I signed a contract with an NDA or privacy clause?

Great question! This is one of the first things we considered when creating the platform. We've consulted with a handful of legal experts specializing in content creators and data privacy to ensure that none of the information we collect invalidates whatever privacy agreement you may have signed. For this same reason, we ask for a range of how much you were compensated instead of asking for the exact amount.

Why do you collect  demographic info if reviews are anonymous?

As mentioned before, we know you're sharing valuable, top secret stuff with us and your reviews will always stay anonymous. We ask for general demographic data like gender & race for two reasons. First, we aim to give you all the info you'll need to make an informed decision about which brands you collaborate with. For example, maybe you only want to collaborate with brands that prioritize racial inclusion with their campaigns. Second, we're using your demographic data to show you how much similar content creators are being compensated by other brands. We think creators deserve to be fairly compensated for their work, and this is the best way to ensure your rates are competitive & reflective of your worth!

How do you ensure the validity of the reviews?

We take the validity of all reviews seriously-- without your trust, we wouldn't be in business. We require all users to verify their account via email before their posts are available to other users. This verification allows us to implement additional measures to help identify suspicious users or reviews. Combined with community feedback and our commitment to review every post, we're confident that our reviews are authentic. In the very rare case that we detect a fake or suspicious review, it will be removed immediately until we can verify its credibility. If we determine the review was false, the review will be deleted and the user will be permanently blocked from the platform.

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